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Adept I

120Hz on Samung Q70A no longer an option with drivers newer then 22.1.2

With the 22.1.2 driver, I can select 120Hz just fine on my RX 5700 gpu. (HDMI 2.0b) with yuv 4:2:0.

Using any newer driver version, the highest possible refresh rate windows 10 allows me to select is 60Hz.

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Adept I

I have the exact same setup with a Sony 120hz 4k Tv (X85J series). I have been running 4k at 120hz with YCbCr420 and vrr across a 4k 120hz hdmi cable on a 5700 graphics card without issue. However since the 22.3.1/2 software release it will no longer let me do the same setup at 120hz, limiting me to 60hz… so I keep rolling the driver back to 22.2.3 which still works correctly.

I have not seen this noted in the known issues section of the drivers… is AMD aware of the issue?


I should have noted it is YCbCr420 8bit that is working in 22.2.3 so I am not exceeding the hdmi 4k 120hz cable bandwidth