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SolidRun Pioneers Ultra-Compact, High-Performance SOM-based IPC with AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000

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With the recent launch of our AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Series processors, AMD has pushed the boundaries for “Zen” processing performance in storage, networking and industrial apps. Delivering major boosts in processing speed, memory transfer rate, CPU core count and I/O connectivity compared to the previous generation, AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Series processors are optimized for compute-intensive, 24x7 workloads where processing efficiency and reliability are paramount requirements.Among the many innovators embracing AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Series processors, SolidRun was quick to take advantage of the performance, thermal and I/O benefits the CPUs provide for SolidRun’s new Bedrock series of compact industrial PCs (IPC). 

Block Diagram.pngSolidRun built its reputation providing developers and OEMs with powerful, application-ready compute and networking platforms to help them minimize design complexities and costs, and get to market quickly. SolidRun provides a complete service from hardware customization to software support, and has accumulated rich insights into the industrial market since the company’s inception in 2010.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for industrial use cases,” observed Irad Stavi, IPC Product Line Manager, SolidRun. “Our customers strive to achieve the perfect balance of performance-per-watt and cost for ruggedized industrial systems, but these requirements can differ quite a bit depending on the specific target application.”


SolidRun’s new Bedrock IPCs are specifically targeted for DIN rail-mounted, industrial computer applications. DIN rails – those ubiquitous steel rails found everywhere from production flows to utility cabinets – impose several design challenges for industrial computers owing to the limited space and cooling typically afforded them. SolidRun is breaking these barriers leveraging the performance and power efficiency advantages enabled with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Series processors.

“The goal of our new AMD processor-based IPC designs is to provide twice the performance at half the size of legacy competing solutions,” continued Stavi, speaking about the new SolidRun Bedrock IPCs. “Bedrock is designed to provide performance that is higher than any other DIN rail-mounted industrial computer in its class, in a form factor that can’t be achieved with competing x86 processing solutions I’ve evaluated.”

“AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 Series processors provide very high performance with excellent power management, and the performance-per-watt ratio is probably the best in the industry for high performance embedded CPUs,” Stavi commented.

All performance claims in this blog were provided by SolidRun and have not been independently verified by AMD.All performance claims in this blog were provided by SolidRun and have not been independently verified by AMD.     *All performance claims in this blog were provided bySolidRun and have not been independently verified by AMD.



DIN rails often reside in harsh, contaminated environments, so ventless system designs are a must. Additionally, these computers need to operate under extreme conditions 24/7 with as little maintenance as possible. These design constraints are best met with industrial computers utilizing a fanless architecture, with no moving fans/parts and therefore less risk of mechanical failure and associated downtime and maintenance.

SolidRun’s Bedrock IPCs feature a fanless cooling design, and a sophisticated design at that. Heat is extracted from hot spots near the CPU and ICs using an advanced thermal interface paste . “In my opinion, this is a must if you want to achieve effective passive cooling at a wide temperature range with a processor as powerful as the AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000,” continued Stavi.


                       Photo caption: SolidRun’s new Bedrock Industrial PC (IPC) featuring 
                     AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 series processors. Image courtesy of SolidRun

To optimize conduction within the enclosure, SolidRun employs a unique 360-degree cooling technique that leverages heat pipes arrayed on all sides of the enclosure to efficiently dissipate heat from the CPU. A chimney-like convection technique is also used to optimize heat exchange from the enclosure to the surrounding air.

“Accounting for all of these thermal innovations combined, SolidRun can achieve better cooling than what we could achieve with conventional cooling methods,” said Stavi. “We went to great lengths to make the Bedrock IPC so compact and yet still able to dissipate the heat efficiently in order to take advantage of the full performance of the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 processor.”                                                                                                                                 

The scalability of the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 series (up to 8 “Zen3” x86 cores; TDP range 10-54W) . Available with up to 20 PCIe® Gen4 lanes, AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 processors allow for ample I/O scalability as well leveraging SolidRun’s System on Module (SOM), Networking and IO (NIO) and Storage and Extension (SX) modular extension cards.

SolidRun has harnessed AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 processing performance to innovate rich industrial PC functionality in an ultra-compact physical footprint. To learn more about the myriad embedded design benefits you can achieve with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V3000 series processors, visit

About the Author
Alisha Perkins leads the marketing team for the Embedded Solutions Group at AMD. She has worked as a marketing professional in the semiconductor industry for the past 12 years.