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AMD and Microsoft Bring Windows 11 to Business PCs

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AMD and Microsoft Bring Windows 11 to Business PCs

By Jason Banta

Microsoft recently provided an expanded take on what makes Windows 11 amazing for business-ready PCs. Windows 11 enhances productivity for the next generation of work, strengthens security and privacy, and simplifies corporate device management; together with Microsoft, AMD is thrilled to power these upgraded Windows 11 experiences with new Ryzen and Ryzen PRO laptop and desktop PCs.  AMD and Microsoft have partnered deeply to deliver the most innovative experiences, optimized application performance, and incredible energy efficiency on the Windows 11 platform.

Earlier this year, we announced Ryzen 6000 and Ryzen 6000 PRO processors, showcased the power of up-to eight “Zen 3+” cores and enhanced AMD RDNA 2 graphics, and demonstrated that 6nm technology brings even longer battery life. Spring 2022 brings a massive portfolio of new Ryzen processor-based Windows 11 business PCs, designed in close partnership with Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and others.

HP will soon begin shipment of their next-generation EliteBook products. The upcoming 9th generation EliteBook 800 series, with Ryzen 6000 PRO processors, will greatly enhance mobile performance and battery life.  The updated EliteBook line will move to 3 new 16:10 displays, ranging from 13” to 16”.  HP will also add Ryzen processor-based 645 and 655 products to their EliteBook lineup in 2022.  These new EliteBooks are expected to begin shipping in April.

Lenovo also recently launched a comprehensive portfolio of Ryzen 6000 processor-based ThinkPad laptops, including the Ryzen-exclusive ThinkPad Z lineup. The ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 represent an innovative, modern take on mobile productivity, with the ThinkPad Communication Bar, Haptic Glass ForcePad, and Microsoft Pluton security processor. These AMD exclusive systems will be powered by Ryzen 6000 PRO processors and will begin shipping in May 2022.

Today’s workforce expects simplicity and efficiency from productivity and collaboration tools. Windows 11 and Teams have been at the heart of a new wave of hybrid work and remote collaboration. With new intelligent meeting features to enhance experiences and make meetings more inclusive, Windows 11 is empowering better connection, productivity and collaboration for the hybrid world. In addition, Windows 11 gives creators new ways to interact, with richer touch and pen capabilities compared to Windows 10. Today’s PCs enable us to work from practically anywhere. But the rapid rise of distributed work has also brought about a new wave of security threats. Malware, ransomware, and PC physical attacks are all on the rise. Microsoft and AMD have partnered to enable a new class of Secure-core PCs leveraging technologies such as Windows Defender, Bitlocker, and the Microsoft Pluton processor, with the latest chip-to-cloud security innovation. AMD's Ryzen 6000 processor is the first modern x86 processor to make a Microsoft Pluton security processor available and usher in the next generation of device protection.

Ryzen 6000 and Ryzen 6000 PRO processors are the ideal solutions for the next wave of commercial PCs.  Up to 30% faster processing, 2X faster graphics, and up to 24 hours of mobile battery life to ensure these laptops are built for efficiency and mobile longevity.  Over the next month, stay tuned as AMD will provide further information on the performance and capabilities of these exciting new Windows 11, Ryzen 6000 Series based laptops.