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Accelerating Microsoft Azure with AMD DPUs

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I’m pleased to share with you that AMD Pensando DPUs are accelerating Microsoft Azure. With the recent announcement of Accelerated Connections available now for Public Preview, Azure customers can achieve orders of magnitude higher networking performance.  This new service offering is an architectural shift that decouples the DPU adapter and SDN stack from the server.  

The Microsoft Azure Accelerated Connections solution accelerates network virtual appliance (NVA) performance, specifically the number of active connections (flows) and connections per second (CPS), to support critical workloads such as virtual firewalls, load balancers and switches.  Any workload that requires demands the highest SDN performance without latency, throughput, or availability compromises can benefit from Accelerated Connections. 

The solution consists of SDN appliances deployed in pairs to provide active/active per flow high availability to ensure mission critical workloads are not impacted during planned or unplanned outages. Each appliance is populated with six very high performing AMD Pensando DPUs that are accessible to all the application’s VMs.  This enables maximum scalability and flexibility for all workloads, with minor modifications to existing architecture that bypasses the traditional SDN stack in the host and leverages the high performing SDN stack in the appliance. The AMD SDK and gRPC APIs enable Microsoft Azure’s Orchestration solution to provision the SDN policies on demand per DPU to achieve maximum flexibility and scale.  Azure customers deploy the service as a vNIC and connect one or more vNICs to their NVA VMs using the same tools and processes they use today.  This new architecture enables Microsoft Azure to programmatically add new features and functionality to address their customers’ evolving requirements without significant architectural changes providing a competitive advantage. 


Microsoft Video: Accelerating Microsoft Azure with AMD DPUs, Deepak Bansal, Corporate VP, Microsoft Azure


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