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Where we can download sample/demo scenes?


1) where I can download demo scenes like forest, mushrooms or techno train that are showed on the  or ?

I would loke to observe some meterials nodes and make an render tests.

2) Will AMD post some official scenes files (demos) for base point of speed of RPR from version to version?

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Hi! You could download all scenes from the documentation: Welcome to AMD Radeon™ ProRender! — AMD Radeon ProRender , that's scenes available for now. Thank you


Where I can download this scenes from advert web page? :

Снимок экрана 2020-01-14 в 00.43.44.png

While it's nice that the very simple images in the guide are downloadable, it would be very useful for benchmarking and other purposes if AMD provided a small number of official demo scenes for the major genres. Example: one for automotive, one for archvis, one for animated game-like nature scene (similar to above), one for realistic product rendering. For example.

I have tried numerous times and combinations of settings to work with and render the Blender Pavilion scene for example, and (I think because of the non-native textures or similar reason) it frequently crashes, especially when previewing the viewport to get an idea of the lighting etc.

OR, since Blender organization makes all the scene files for the splash screens available, get those exact scenes and convert all materials, lighting etc to be RPR compatible and save as "RPR versions" that people can download right from the Guide page index. : ) That would be really nice and really help people new to RPR who might've worked with standard Blender demo / splash scenes in the past.

Please be more specific as to where they are located, that document has a lot of pages and subcategories. It would be very difficult to find them normally. 

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