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Jive + IE10 = fail

Are there efforts in pushing Jive to support IE10 that ships with Win8 to be a supported browser? I get end of IE6 support greeting when I try to access the forums. I had to download Firefox for this single post. It's hard to imagine that IE10 could not render Jive content properly...

Given that this is a developer forum, and developers often download stuff like new OS's dev preview, it's very strange that Win8 already at RTM still has it's default browser unsopperted at a site like this.

I know my problem arises because I use my Win8 as a regular desktop, not just as a platform of development, but still I'd say this is a rather pressing issue.



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Hi Mate,

Yes, thanks for posting about this issue.

We have to upgrade our version of JIVE so that these forums will support IE10. We're working on it, but it will take us sometime before we can make the upgrade.




Rather than upgrading Jive, it would be preferable to just switch to phpBB. This Jive system is a mess of a user interface and with IE10 it simply does not work.


I can imagine (being part of similar things at my institution) that merging to a new forum system such as Jive is a long-term strategic decision and AMD would not want to steer back, but being over 4 months time in an upgrade is far from hasty.

Anyhow, I don't mean to bring anyone down, just wanted to point out that this issue has been put aside for quite some time now, specially that Win8 has been out there for over a month now (and has been available for a long time now).With the release of APP SDK 2.8, a new wave of posts are coming, and it's again a bump that IE10 is not usable for the forum.


August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and now May.  10 months and still no upgrade to the Jive version that works with IE 10?   With expectations like that, I have to ask, "Are you currently hiring?" as I could use a cushy job where bugs can keep large numbers of users from using a site for months on end.


Yes it is quite embarrassing to say the very least.  Well that is the bad news.  The better news is that the site was to be upgraded today but we had some theming issues to resolve because the new version has a different layout template.  Our current plan is to update next Thursday once I have had time to do some testing and we upload a refresh of the database.

I won't go into the gory details of why it has taken sooooo long and no it is not a cushy job.