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Journeyman III

Crash on launch, AMD only

Hello Everyone,

So i have been developing games for awhile and on my new project i have recently discovered a bug where

my game does not run on AMD at all. I have had this bug  that has currently  been recreated on a

  • R290X
  • R290
  • R390

Although, i have no idea what the problem is (due to the fact that i do not own a AMD card to test on). These are the things

i have tried so far.

  • Making sure all the extensions i'm getting are valid
  • Checking for extension before i use any extension
  • Making sure all extensions i'm using work the same on AMD

After a weeks work of trying to fix this bug that is AMD specific. I have no idea where to go from here. Everyone who is running

a AMD card keeping getting a error that looks like i'm dereferencing null when that is literally impossible with all the checks i'm

doing. So if anyone has any suggestions on where to go from here or maybe there's someone from AMD who can run and

compile my code to see that the error is that would be awesome!

Note: The game runs fine on all NVidia cards but does not launch on any AMD cards

Thanks everyone

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Guessing from your description that this is an OpenGL program ? Linux or Windows ? If Linux, does it run on the Intel driver ?

As a general rule if you're only going to develop on one platform you're better off using Intel or AMD, since both of those drivers tend to be equally strict about following the OpenGL spec. If you develop on NVidia hardware only the drivers will accept a variety of invalid sequences/values and silently correct them in an undocumented & vendor-specific manner, leaving you with code that only works on NVidia hardware.

Is there any other information when the bug occurs that might help ?