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Journeyman III

Vulkan - Dependent render passes crash ?

After working with Vulkan for a couple of weeks I still can't get any dependent render passes to work. This means either having 2 passes where in the second pass I use the color image from the first pass as a texture or having a render pass with 2 subpasses (in the subpass scenario I set up the input attachment but have not yet used an adequate shader that gets the data from the input attachment instead of a texture, I just render some other stuff and set up the dependency).

I'm using the LunarG SDK 1.0.5 and validation doesn't throw any other errors prior to the driver reset. In the second pass if I just render with a different texture other than the previous pass's color attachment, everything works as expected.

The exact place where the driver reset happens is at vkQueueSubmit and validation throws :

ERROR: [PARAMCHECK] Code 1 : vkQueueSubmit parameter, VkResult result, is VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST

I can provide a build for testing purposes if it helps.

Also, most values in VkPhysicalDeviceLimits are MAX_UINT and I have a hard time believing this is real (is MAX_UINT a tag for not supported ?), like for example maxPerStageDescriptorInputAttachments is MAX_UINT  when maxColorAttachments is 8. Correct me here if I'm wrong, but I think a framebuffer can have at most maxColorAttachments textures attached, resulting that you can only have at most 8 input attachments in subpases.

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cippyboy​ could you please share the project's location, or get in touch with by e-mail