Using RSS Feeds

Version 3

    Using RSS Feeds

    Use RSS feeds to get content updates without having to visit the Jive application.


    Like many Web sites and applications, the Jive application provides the ability to subscribe to a content digest by using an RSS feed. By subscribing to a feed and using a feed reader (also known as an aggregator), you can discover what has changed in the application without having to visit it. To learn more about feeds, see What Are Feeds?

    Typically you would subscribe to Jive content using your Google, MyYahoo, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer account. After you have subscribed, you'll be able to see Jive content updates in the application you selected. There are also reader applications specifically designed to help you collect feeds.


    Subscribing to a RSS feed:

    1. Go to a page of Jive content or a group and click the feed icon in the Actions list or next to the content author's name and time stamp.
    2. For groups, spaces, and blogs, you'll see a list of available feeds. You can subscribe to one or more content types in a group, space, or blog. For example, you may want to subscribe to a space's discussions only or only the comments of a blog. To subscribe, click on the content type you want.
    3. Next, select the application you want to use as your feed reader (typically Google, MyYahoo, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) and click Subscribe Now.


    Note: When you subscribe, you may need to associate your username and password with the subscription. That's because the feed reader is getting information from Jive on your behalf. Jive needs to know it's not giving the information to just anyone. Please note that the need to authenticate means that feeds are not supported for Outlook 2007, which does not support feeds that require authentication. Microsoft provides a limited workaround if you use Internet Explorer.