Delivering AMD Graphics Accelerated Desktops with Citrix XenDesktop and HDX 3D Pro

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[Originally posted on 03/23/17]


AMD and Citrix® collaborate to deliver performance, scalability, security, and availability of virtualized graphics from both public and private clouds.


Virtualized graphics is the last piece of the puzzle for enterprises considering remote workstations or VDI environments. AMD Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) technology is virtualized graphics done right as shared GPU capability is built right into the silicon, helping make it more secure than software virtualization. This approach delivers a consistent, predictable, and cost effective deployment and user experience.


AMD and Citrix have been hard at work enabling MxGPU for Citrix HDX™ and we are happy to announce that with Citrix XenApp® and XenDesktop® 7.13, AMD MxGPU is fully integrated and available. You can download our Radeon Pro Software drivers with HDX support now.


The combination of these technologies from Citrix and AMD gives IT departments the cost-effective performance and scalability necessary to deliver graphics-accelerated virtual desktops and apps to virtually any user, from knowledge workers, to mobile professionals, to designers expecting the same access to the GPU no matter their workload.


This latest announcement by Citrix continues AMD’s momentum in cloud graphics. Enterprises can deploy AMD MxGPU on a number of server platforms from Dell, HP Enterprise, and Supermicro. Combined with our announcements from Google and Alibaba Cloud, our engagement with Citrix demonstrates how hardware-based graphics virtualization can lead the market in performance, scalability, security and availability of virtualized graphics from both public and private clouds.


AMD’s vision is that end users want to run their applications on virtually any device, virtually anywhere with confidence. This vision is coming to life with AMD MxGPU on Citrix. Look for more exciting news about AMD hardware-virtualized graphics in the months to come.


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