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      Is it possible to use tessellation engine in OpenGL at the moment, or the experimental extension is still unusable?

      I see that it is possible to compile code like:

      __samplerVertexAMDX pos;
      void main(){gl_Position = vertexFetchAMDX(pos, gl_VertexIndex[0]);}

      But hardware disasembly isn't what you expect it to be (no VFETCH at all ).
      So if you have some in-house version of the compiler for it, why expose this variables and functions in public driver?

      And do you plan to change the name of pointsize from 0x7FA03001 to some kind of readable FOURCC string in the future (in DX9)?

        • GL_AMDX_vertex_shader_tessellator
          Hi NULL_PTR!
          It seems to me that this'll be implemented in OpenGL 3 compilant drivers.
          It's interesting to me when theese drivers will be able? nVidia drivers with OpenGL 3 support
          will be near September.

          I zabey na etot forum, oni tut ne otvechaut pochemu to.
          Skoko ya im ne pisal - otvetov NULL =)