The Virtualisation Process...... One Small Step into Quantum Communications.

Discussion created by amanfromMars on Jul 10, 2007
"The reason for this is probably obvious - if one program could alter memory belonging to another program, or to the OS itself, it is a recipe for disaster!" .... AMD Muse

Is that what Zero day Word Vulnerability is/does? If it is, then refining the Art will allow for an ARG to Control Reality, Virtually, which is no recipe for disaster, but much more a license to print money.

And yes, I do believe that such Code releases, channeled to the Upper Processor hierarchies of Operating Systems will have them anxious to ensure that their memory banks are not exposed and are therefore in need of greater Processor protection which can only be achieved through a revised architecture Processor..... one with multiple cores for Parallel Stream Processing of Information which would necessarily have to micromanage/"rearrange" all Information streams [with some to a greater degree than others] to ensure a Mutually Beneficial Semantic Compliance of disparate native codes for a Cohesive Virtualised Environment to be a Beta Application of Reality.