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3970x and asus ROG Zenith Extreme 2 : Q-code memory:00

Question asked by oed20 on Sep 24, 2020
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I am
AMD RYZEN Threadripper3970x and asus ROG Zenith Extreme 2.


Power Supply is...
Seasonic platinum 1300w.


RAM is 16g 8 pieces of Samsung RAM.


These products can't boot up intermittently.


Q-code memory:00 is expressed.


It happens once or twice a month.


J.C.Hyun, an agency in Korea, says as if there is nothing wrong with the cpu after the operation test and prime test.


And I decided to test for a month.m.


I think this result is unreasonable.


Many forums raise the possibility of cpu anomalies.


I bought the product at a very high price.


Q-code memory00 has other causes than cpu and main board.
Is it possible?


I want to know the condition of occurrence of Q-code memory00.