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My Rx 570 GPU fan Not Spining 1 sec and Stop .

Question asked by roshankj99 on Sep 22, 2020
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Core i5 3.4 4670 /  8GB D3 / 450 PSU / 2TB WD GREEN

My RX 570 is Unable to Spin fan correctly. its spin 1 sec and stop then after 5 sec its spin 1 sec  this is how its functioning now. Also WATTMAN Not Show Zero RPM Option. When windows starting GPU Temp Show 30-35 C and

i can work on basic things and GPU only goes to 50-55 C Temp only.


But Problem is when i try to play the games its instantly Heating to 70-90 C and fan RPM is 0 .

sometime when playing GTA V its going max 100 and PC is off ............  




RX 570 GPU FAN Not spining


i have done Following steps before the ask help:

1) Clean GPU FAN / Heat Sink 

2) Apply the New thermal Paste  

3) RESET The Windows 10

4) CLEANED all thrid party and Windows Updates 

5) Check on another PSU

6) Down grade to Random Downgrade version

7) Now runing 20.9.1

8) TRY With MSI Afterburn / GPU Z and few of Leading GPU Fan controlling Software.