RX 5500 XT and Freesync Stutterings

Discussion created by vialli762 on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by vialli762

Before, I used an RX 570 and everything worked perfectly with Freesync and Enhanced Sync. I recently purchased an RX 5500 XT and am bitterly sorry. I have already formatted my system, installed several versions of Adrenalin and still perform poorly when using Freesync.


I bought a monitor and an entire AMD setup, but I can't use the feature that the company exploits so much in its marketing. It's sad.


The stutterings are constant and the feeling of fluidity just doesn't exist. It's awful. I also have black screens recurrently.

Do I have a problem with my gpu or are the drivers to blame for this?