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Having an issue with Ryzen 5 3400g Vega 11 Graphic

Question asked by phoenixvamy on Jul 20, 2020

hii, i just rma my cpu ryzen 5 2400g to ryzen 5 3400g . After installation of graphic driver for ryzen 5 3400g my pc just hang on login screen after restart . I just boot my pc in safe mode and disable the graphic driver and then restart the pc it working fine , but again after enabling the graphic driver, its hang my system only disabling the graphics card or uninstalling the driver is only way to stop hanging the system 


I update my motherboard bios to latest also tried to clean installation of latest window 10 with latest amd driver but nothing work .


Dont know what to do ? Please help ? Already ask for AMD Technical Support but no reply from there side too.