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Unable to install Adrenalin 2020 20.7.1 or 20.7.2 on Windows 10 64bit 19.09 latest update.

Question asked by colesdav on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by colesdav

Unable to install Adrenalin 2020 20.7.1 at all on Windows 10 64bit 19.09 latest update.


I am running DDU Version


(1). I am unable to install Adrenalin 2020 20.7.1 at all on Windows 10 64bit 19.09 latest update.
(2). A DDU setting is affecting Adrenalin Install behaviour I see.


I run DDU in Windows 10 safe mode to remove all traces of AMD or Nvidia drivers.
I have tried running Factory Reset install Option.


In one setting (DDU setting A) the Adrenalin installers black screen before install completes.
The PC then freezes, it sounds like USB bus / keyboard is getting disconnected.
I end up having to Soft Reset the PC.
I am unable to log into Windows again on reboot into Windows normal mode.
I have to perform 3 soft resets to boot into safe mode, then I can log in to Windows in safe mode and run DDU to remove failed AMD Driver install.


DDU setting A
(Note: PC connected to Internet via Ethernet Cable in first attempt but also tested completely disconnected from Internet ).





With another DDU setting ( (DDU setting B)  ) the install completes then causes very sluggish mouse behaviour on desktop and crashes the PC with an atikmdag BSOD.


DDU setting B


(Note: PC completely disconnected from internet during entire install attempt).





(3). I have been able to install this, after much effort - Adrenalin 19.12.1 GUI/UI + 20.7.1 driver.



System Specifications

CPURyzen 2700X
CoolerCorsair H100i
MB BIOS3004 (latest).
Memory64GB (4x16GB) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 DDR4.
AMD GraphicsXFX RX Vega 64 Liquid. PowerColor RX Vega 56. XFX R9 390X.
Disc Drive 1Seagate FireCuda 2TB SSHD.
PSUCorsair AX1600i
MonitorBenQ - EW3270U 32" HDR LED 4K UHD FreeSync Monitor - Metallic Gray