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Ryzen master does not install

Question asked by abdalla2358 on Jul 1, 2020

I downloaded Ryzen  master installed it but it does not show up on my desktop although it apperars here  in C:\AMD  folder as this   ,but when i look for ryzen master in C:\Program Files\AMD  , i cant find it also it does not appear on desktop


can some one help me ?


my system configs :


os: windows 10 (not activated)

cpu: ryzen 5 3600 
motherboard : asus prime b450m-k 
ram : crucial 16gb 2*8
os drive :samsung evo ssd
gpu : amd rx580 


what i have tried already but the problem still not solved  :
1 - using CC cleaner to get rid of registry error 

2 - reinstalling windows 10 

3 - using AMD clean up tool in safe mode