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How about amd and user support? .. I am having problems with a msi mech RX5700XT, I was playing assassins creed 1, and assassins creed 2, and assassins creed brotherhood, and in these I have very must when green screens, I mean that I am playing and out of nowhere I receive a green screen, with a ticking sound, and the pc does not react at all, I have to forcibly turn it off from the off button for a while, until the pc is turned off and then it starts rather well, I wanted to know if it is an error of the gpu itself, or is it a problem with the amd drivers, more than anything I want to know to know if I have to do rma or wait for amd to fix it with the drivers .. I don't get a black screen or anything, nor do I have restarts, just pure green screens, but you owe when this happens. I am waiting for your answers, or someone who is horning me because this is stressing me, and at least I want to have some answer of what it could be. From already thank you very much