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5600M Does not correctly work with MST Hubs

Question asked by tec_freakz on Jun 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello Community,


I have purchased the new 5600M in Dell's G5 15 5505 Notebook.


This Notebook has one USBC with included DP 1.4, one Mini-Displayport (also DP 1.4) and one HDMI to Connect external Monitors.


So i want to connect 2 monitors to one port to optimize plug-handling. MST Hubs are a pretty good solution for this usual case.


First try: I connect a MST Hub to the USBC (using DP 1.4 about USBC, MST Hub from USBC Port to 2x HDMI Port to connect 2 monitors about HDMI) and the first problem is pushed out: My Notebook just detect one Monitor, but 2 are connected. The second keeps black screen.


The second try: I bought other MST Hub (Mini-Displayport to 2x DVI Port) and connecting it to the Mini Display Port: Same issue here, just one monitor of the two connected has been detected. The second Monitor also keeps the black screen.


Third try: Connecting the Mini-Displayport MST Hub (from second try) to my "old" MS Surface Pro 4 with Intel onboard graphics...and it works! Both monitors are detected correctly and they're still running.


I think there's an compatibility issue with AMD Mobile graphics by working with MST Hubs.


Can anybody reproduce that?

Have an Idea to solve this problem?

Is using "Eyefinitiy" possible with Mobile graphics 5600M? I can not found this in my Radeon Settings.