I finally fixed my 5600 XT crashes

Discussion created by lph on Jun 17, 2020
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I finally fixed my 5600 XT crashes. First my specs:



MSI B450 Tomahawk Max



Be quiet! Pure Power 11 600W CM



AMD Ryzen 5 3600


Graphics card:

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5600 XT 6G (299-4E411-002SA)



 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16





I run Windows 10 PRO 2004 version and 20.5.1 amd driver with adrenaline. I had all the different crashes depending on which combination of windows version/amd driver with and without adrenaline I would run at the moment.

The crashes could be random for some games like ANNO 1800, Gears Tactics or VALORANT, sometimes I could play for hours and other times it would crash after 5min. Some games would have no crashes at all. Some games would crash immediately before the game menu (AC:Odyssey), some would crash regulary after 30-60 sec playing


I tried all the troubleshooting tips like disabling hardware acceleration/windows game modus/link state power management/windows fast start/turning off all adrenaline features(setting it to standard) or setting the energy settings to high performance – installing various drivers with or without DDU, with amd cleanup utilities installing driver without installing adrenaline.

Turned off ULPS in windows registry, created registry entry for TDR Delay and set it to 8 - tried another HDMI cable/another monitor - tried undervolting in adrenaline or set the power limit to -10% in adrenaline (bear in mind this was my first time doing this, so I dont know alot about it I just followed videos on youtube)

I updated amd chipset(, flashed the motherboard bios to 7C02v372(Beta version) set PCI-Express to 3.0, finally I did a graphics card bios update - I saw that my card (299-4E411-002SA) was one of those that could use a bios update per sapphire website. Maybe I tried even more but dont remember


Nothing worked - I had atikmpag.sys errors with 20.4.2 driver and maybe earlier drivers(dont remember exactly), with 20.5.1 I had amdkmdag.sys errors, the cursor/game would just freeze audio would be playing until the audio would crash too and then I would just have a black screen and then the pc would reboot or black(one time I had a green)screen and I had to hard reboot or bsod, sometimes the screen would just show static for a few moments and then crash - other times it would just kick me to the desktop, the game still running but I couldnt get back in

 I also saw in event viewer sometimes the report would say oem2/3/9 or whatever.inf( when it wasnt atikmpag/amdkmdag) crashed or couldnt start or radeonsoftware crashed -


What finally worked for me was in adrenaline GPU tuning the frequency to 800/1200/1600 and the voltage to 800/800/880 (maybe there is some kind of sweet spot, where I dont gimp myself too hard and the games still work? havent tested yet) - I am not really knowledgeable with this kinda stuff but my understanding is I underclocked/undervolted the graphics card? or does it mean my psu isnt good enough? Well so I gimped my graphics card so I can have play my games and have some kind of stability. The games that would crash immediately or soon after playing work now flawlessly(at least for the time being)

I get 60 fps in AC:Odyssey on highest settings(1080p) so for the moment it works for me... but what about when more graphics intensive games come out in the future or my method doesnt work for another game? I would like my graphics card to work normally and provide the performance I know it has and not have a powered down graphics card just so it works.

I really hope amd can release a working driver/adrenaline soon, so I can revert my graphics card to normal... - well at least it works for now, hopefully it works for others too who still have problems with the card.