Relive doesn't record game audio

Discussion created by grimarth on Jun 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by g3neraltso

In all seriousness, what's the point of using Relive when you don't have the ability to record gameplay sound. I got a RX580, a 2700x and an Asus rog strix B450-f, I do use the default realtek drivers included with my board. I got a headest (Hyper X Cloud) directly to the front audio panel and no matter what I tried, Relive won't record any game sounds (only mic). I tried a lot of stuff, but guess what, Relive will only record the hdmi sound (which is useless for me since I don't use a monitor with speakers nor I want to use one) and good luck removing the AMD Audio Bus driver, the option to opt out from it while installing a new driver doesn't exist anymore. Obviously there is no option to select the source via Relive (just the microphone) so yeah...

Is there any real solution at this point or I will have to use a third party recording software or even better, switch to team green? At least their stuff on my gaming laptop works. Been using AMD GPUs on my PCs since 2011 but this was a huge disappointment.