1920X & RADEON VII randomly freezing

Discussion created by eviat on May 29, 2020
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The situation starts from Adrenalin 2020, my PC randomly freezing while normal running or gaming. Now my version of driver is 20.4.1 and the problem's still continuing. Moniter freeze several sec and turns to whole blank (losing signal) and the only way to stop it is restart by clicking physical botton on PC. It's really sucks while working and moniter suddenly shutdown.


Sometimes when I restart to desktop my mouse are frequently lagging but CPU/GPU usage are both low.


I've tried reinstall the driver (From 20.1.1 to 20.4.1) more than one time but it still bother me anytime.

Also I do NOT overclock before. AMD Ryzen Master is installed to switch Creator Mode and Gaming Mode.

Anyone can help?


OS: Windows 10 x64 2004(19041.264)

Graphic Driver: Adrenalin 2020 20.4.1
CPU: Threadripper 1920X
RAM: 128GB

If there are anything else detail is needed plz tell me.
Thanks for any reply