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Graphics glitches/flickering after installing new drivers (RX 480)

Question asked by tx-user on May 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by xiatian

I upgraded my dual monitors from a pair of 60hz to 144hz. It's been 8 years since I've gotten new screens, so I thought it would be a good idea to install the new monitor and graphics drivers. Since upgrading, I've gotten these weird graphics glitches/flickers.


I'm not sure what triggers it. They only appear when I'm using both monitors. If I turn 1 off, the glitches stop. It's not limited to intensive use. These glitches can happen even when I'm just browsing the internet.


I'm not sure which version I was on before. Currently I have 20.4.2 installed. I've tried rolling back as far as 19.10.2.


CPU - i7-8700K

GPU - RX 480 8GB

RAM - 16GB

Screens (2x) - ASUS VP249 (144hz)