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Fan Control Info for RX 590

Question asked by gruntfuttock on May 20, 2020
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I have a...

XFX Radeon Rx 590 Fatboy 8 gb Oc+ 1600Mhz Ddr5 3Xdp HDMI Dvi Graphic Cards Rx-590P8Dfd6


I run the Radeon utility prog and select Performance / Tuning  and select "Manual"  as the fans never start and I don't want the temp to just increase until possibly they do.

I have tried various settings like Fan Tuning Enabled /  Advanced Control (displays graph) and select  Fine Tuning Controls.


The graph starts at  fans 50% at temp 0 oC  ( makes no sense) and goes up to fan speed 100% at 85 oC  which implies that at freezing point the fans run ??? 


Adjusting the graph manually makes no difference the fans don't start.

What does work is turn off Advanced Control (apply canges) hit Fan Tuning and select Zero RPM (apply changes)  then tun Zero RPM off, THEN the fans start.


After that it depends on if the PC sleeps or is shut down and restarted if the fans are running from the word go or not, too many different possibilities to list them all.  Sometimes it starts with fans running at 1700 ish  28 oC


I can't find any fan adjustment instructions, but have removed drivers cleaned registry  rebooted at each stage, then re-installed using the automated tool ............ still no difference.


Can anyone point me to the manual fan control  instructions and possibly explain how to setup fan tuning and also on auto what temp the fans should start ?