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TV recieves no signal from PC

Question asked by walter9000 on May 17, 2020

Hello everyone

My computer uses a Radeon RX Vega. I have connected three BenQ-Monitors, a Samsung TV, and an HTC Vive. The Vive is only activated when in use.

While all the monitors and the Vive work perfectly together, the TV seems not to receive a signal. After the first Installation of the Graphics Card it worked perfectly. I had to shut down one Monitor, because the Graphics Gard seemed only to support 3 output signals, but then the TV got his signal. Then, randomly, it learned to give out 4 Signals. 4 Output signals are still working, I can use 3 monitors and the Vive. But even with all monitors shut down, the TV does not get his signal.

What I tried to do:

  • Check if the HDMI cable (5 m) works. Yes, when connected to my notebook it works perfectly
  • Change HDMI Port on the TV. Picture shows up for one Second, then its gone again
  • Change HDMI Port on the Computer. No results. All Ports are working, when using a monitor.
  • Updating Drivers and Software of the Graphics Card and die TV and restarting both of them. No results.

The PC recognizes the connected Samsung TV. Also the TV recognizes a “PC” as connected. But it does not show any picture from the PC.

Because of my testing I don’t think the cable is broken. Also, I don’t think that one of the HDMI Ports are broken because it does not work on either of them, but other devices work perfectly. So maybe it’s a software problem with the graphics card?

I searched the Internet for solutions, but most time they just tell to replace the cable. I think my problem is more specific and I hope someone can help me here.


And btw, sorry for my English…

Greetings from Germany,