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Guide to lock GPU Clock for AMD NAVI Users (5600Xt, 5700, 5700xt)

Question asked by seanmack on May 17, 2020
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Most of you were facing low FPS during non GPU intensive games, stutters, idle GPU clocks during gameplay and other things which you don't want to see your GPU is doing when you play games.

I've found a way to prevent Navi GPUs from down-clocking during games no matter how high is GPU load for AMD NAVI Users (5600Xt, 5700, 5700xt).


Please note - i'm using AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 20.4.2 Beta driver. I haven't tested this on other



You can use this fix either globally or for individual games by creating a game profile.


The fix to lock GPU down-clocking is quite simple. Please read through the guide and refer to to the attached pic as an example 


The frequency set for each power state needs to be within 50 Mhz of each other, but not lower than a value of 10 Mhz (and not the same frequency as this will cause a driver lock or crash and revert). This will lock your GPU clock. Your GPU will no-longer down-clock, regardless of utilisation.


You need your voltage to be the same for the 3 power states in Wattman


Don't touch memory overclocking or the power tuning section - this will produce stutters and your memory frequency will fluctuate.. Edit your fan curve to ensure adequate cooling and you're good to go.


Refer to the attached image as an example. Choose a frequency and voltage that works for you ( and one that's stable etc ) 


Any questions let me know