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Rx560 black screen after installing adrenalin drivers

Question asked by atom0427 on May 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2020 by rock32

My specs are :

Amd a8 7500 with R7 Integrated
RX 560 4gb (New)
8gb ram
win10 OS 

i have recently bought an rx 560, since my old r7 240 broke recently. i am not a streamer or an ultra settings gamer, i casually play games whenever i am free.

I have tested this on a freshly installed Win10 os (no graphic drivers and on DVI output of RX560,) it worked without even connecting to the on board APU

After installing the latest Adrenalin Drivers, it goes to black screen and my monitor does not even receives any signal through its DVI, after so many restarts none has worked. then i tried plugging the VGA to the on board port it has booted and graphics only detects my APU as the primary which requires me to use VGA  rather than DVI or HDMI of my dedicated GPU

Please help. i understand it is a driver issue not a hardware. can i use the old drivers still? if so, what do you recommend that is stable for this