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Have you been a victim of a Gigabyte RX 590 "" Bait and Switch Purchase online? If so what action did you take? Thanks.

Question asked by colesdav on May 8, 2020
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I recently purchased what was advertised as a Gigabyte RX 590 GPU. 
It showed the Technical Specifications and pictures of a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1.0 GPU shown here: 


That GPU includes:
                               An additional DVI-D output.
                               Metal backplate.
                               RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting.

I even told the seller to double check the GPU was indeed a REV 1.0


The GPU I received is a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 2.0 GPU with Technical Specifications shown here:
Radeon™ RX 590 GAMING 8G (rev. 2.0) | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE Global 


It would cost me ~ 70 to fit a Custom Backplate and RGB lighting to the GPU.


It seems this "Bait and Switch" tactic has been pretty common.
In some cases sellers actually state the GPU is a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 2.0

but continue to show pictures of the Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1,0. with backplate and corresponding better technical specifications.


I have already contacted Gigabyte Sales and Technical Support and the response is - contact the seller.


If you have been a victim of this please respond below.


I am going to do something about it because I hate to see AMD users getting ripped off like this and sellers of these Gigabyte RX590 GPUs  should not be allowed to get away with it.