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    AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard


      Thought for the overclockers and tweakers among us we might have a benchmark thread to post some scores and have some fun with

      Now this is just for fun, leave your e-peen at the door on the way in ok?


      Moving forward with this I'll be making some changes to the way submissions are made


      Rules are simple:

      • You MUST use a Radeon GPU.
      • Scores are to follow the rules set forth on HWBOT for Firestrike and Time Spy
      • To submit a score you need to make your post like the following example:


      Username--CPU--GPU--Overall Score--Test

      Screenshot showing final score + 2 x CPU-Z tabs (CPU and Memory) + GPU-Z tab

      Validation Link (If possible)



      Sgt Bilko--Ryzen 7 2700x--2 x R9 Fury--27629--Firestrike Performance

      R9 Fury example.png


      If your posted isn't structured like the above then it won't be added!


      The reason for changing this is to make it so if you choose to submit your score on here you can also submit it on HWBOT as well

      If you choose to do so make sure you join our team! AMD Red Team @ HWBOT


      Note: 3DMark Firestrike is free to download and run, Firestrike Extreme and Firestrike Ultra tests require the Advanced Version of 3DMark while Time Spy is DX12 only (Windows 10 required)

      Download Here: 3DMark cross-platform benchmark for Windows, Android and iOS

      Thread will be updated at least once a week, if 7 days have passed and I miss a score mention me in the comments


      That's all! Let's have some fun!


      Firestrike Performance Scores:

      UsernameCPUGraphics Card(s)Overall ScoreGraphics ScorePhysics ScoreProof
      AMDMatti7-5960x4x R9 Fury X361756351323992Link
      Canis-Xi7-5960x3x R9 290x284694054422913Link
      colesdavi7 4790k3x R9 Nano248904726613174Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2 x R9 Fury X + R9 Nano244994504213017Link
      Whiskey-FoxtrotRyzen 7 1800x2x RX Vega 64244284066320825Link
      Sgt BilkoRyzen 7 2700xR9 295x2233913061423511Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700x2x RX Vega 64232614070920306Link
      Sgt BilkoRyzen 7 2700xRX Vega 64232442704626390Link
      Sgt Bilkoi7 6700kR9 295x2 + R9 390x230603900613949Link
      colesdavi7-4790k2 x R9 Fury X229893931613089Link
      Conenubi701i7 4790K2x R9 Fury X221143489813369Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2x R9 Nano220023744712585Link
      Sgt Bilkoi7 6700kR9 Fury X + R9 Fury218973265514316Link
      PrydeRyzen 7 2700xRX Vega 64209172661022702Link
      Tooinsanei5-8600kRX Vega 64206862604415747Link
      Zealotki11eri7 3770kRX Vega 64201482843513644Link
      BuGGzLuVaRyzen 7 2700xRX Vega 64200952614221510Link
      colesdavi7-4790kRX Vega 64197502804413134Link
      ajluekeRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64193852437120821Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920xRadeon Pro Duo (Fiji)192772902821712Link
      Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 290192632939812229Link
      Rob27shredi7-6700kR9 390 + R9 290x191832595514713Link
      Richki7-5960xR9 295x2187962396519125Link
      desol007i7-4770k2x R9 290182122586313017Link
      Shane Herald1800X2x R9 390180822422020477Link
      saywhutRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64177922293420294Link
      friedchickenflui7-4790k2x R9 390x177822606711992Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700xRX Vega 64174102217319818Link
      Jaan DohRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64168982386619281Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920x2 x R9 295x2165852894422688Link
      RandytotheRescuei7-7700kR9 Nano157681807416978Link
      ajlueke1800XR9 Fury X153461719920813Link
      Wardzoni7-5820kR9 Fury X149671703417578Link
      colesdavi7-4770k2x HD 7970149662151411845Link
      Alan LuekeRyzen 7 1800xR9 Fury X143151652320022Link
      Garwynni7-5960xR9 Fury X142701607519759Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x14224279589412Link
      aarredteamFX-95904x R9 290x14088291829112Link
      Shane HeraldFX-83502x R9 39014067270159508Link
      4MonkeysFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x13922268839718Link
      Walking Corpse4790KR9 Fury X137751677911874Link
      MedallishFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x13689268859239Link
      SeahawksHuntRyzen 5 1600R9 390x135971515518836Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-83502x R9 290135202388410185Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x213518244579649Link
      Wimpzillai7 2600kR9 290134591679611716Link
      SavageBeastZeroFX-83202x R9 29013411252339305Link
      Olly87FX-8350R9 295x213399237009810Link
      dmatthewstewartFX-83502x R9 290x13363258649187Link
      JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x21325723228
      TheFuzz1542FX-93702x R9 290x13255237409542Link
      Holdmecloseri7-4770k2x R9 280x130311739911649Link
      Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano129281536513213Link
      BoingBalli7-6700kR9 Fury127371501113619Link
      SgtT8iei7-4770R9 Nano126581534511324Link
      PhuriRyzen 5 1600RX 580125231508415604Link
      ElpuertorroFX-83502x R9 29012373223459293Link
      GakaGammyFX-95902x R9 29012242232408129Link
      EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 Fury120321473210683Link
      Stoggy28i7 7700kRX 480119401393916387Link
      DarkwolfcaRyzen 7 1700RX 580119241417616825Link
      KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x117041392112242Link
      Benman2785FX-9590RX 58011421166069796Link
      ElpuertorroFX-83502x R9 28011273188808565Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7 3970xR9 390112131278013905Link
      SWAcceleratedRyzen 7 1700RX 470111641310716426Link
      DontKilllJimFX 9590Fury X10860171708235Link
      Blazeri7-3770k2x R9 280x10655147087571Link
      Holdmecloseri7-4770kR9 290x105681281410377Link
      Boingballi7-950R9 Fury10475146227959Link
      Thomas TomlinFX-8350RX 58010323157108828Link
      Marcus EdwardsRyzen 7 1700xRX 570102501162317045Link
      dmatthewstewartFX-8350R9 290x10127142169041Link
      Singpriani5 3570kRX 48010107133596874Link
      mazedmarkyi5-4590RX 57010100136446881Link
      1337CammyFX-9370R9 Fury X10043157527855Link
      Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x9910119899686Link
      Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x29863199475612Link
      Lord BandeyeFX 8370RX 4709807127959482Link
      NwowwFX-83502x R9 280x9759146248009Link
      RandytotheRescuei7-7700kHD 79709695108637065Link
      Stoggy28FX-8350R9 2909640131989170Link
      KC5VDJi7-4790kRX 4809551120619440Link
      1337CammyFX-8350R9 Fury X9461157687676Link
      EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 29094571109610598Link
      mazedmarkyi3-4160RX 4809418150795381Link
      JakeshiFX 8350RX 5809384145947494Link
      derrickgott007FX 8370Sapphire Nito RX 4709145128508080Link
      Benman2785FX 8150RX 4809095140167310Link
      ElpuertorroFX-83502x HD 78709013121988862Link
      himoA10-7870kR9 Fury X9011164395435Link
      ScyborgFX-83502x R9 270x8985115859756Link
      iamthesegaFX 8370R9 390x8927130978 242


      HumbugFX-9590R9 2908703117298709Link
      KingCryi7-4770kHD 69508537966811983Link
      Lockheed LovelockFX-8350R9 2908478113517823Link
      ElpuertorroFX-6300Crossfire HD 78708381116857552Link
      GakaGammyFX-8310R9 2908353119787698Link
      Adr_TechFX-8370R9 2908312109827810Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7-3930kFirepro W81008251899714845Link
      Jaan DohRyzen 7 1800xR9 380x8138898719280Link
      KhvarrioirenFX-6300R8 280x782998477869Link
      Storm1978FX-8320R9 2907794119579629Link
      iwalkwiththedeadFX-9590R9 285727186308385Link
      Benman2785FX-8150HD 7970709490787133Link
      Charles4691i7-4770kHD 7970 Ghz6829749511989Link
      Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950635673818099Link
      JakeshiFX-8350R9 270x592468077695Link
      Boingballi7-950HD 7950580865417905Link
      KurimXeon E3-1275 v3R9 270x5615620510504Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7-3970xR9 2705137549413975Link
      DirtyprankFX-6300R9 270x493758825651Link
      TecnickFX-6300HD 7870490959175277Link
      EazyDozerXeon E3-1280 v3HD 78504607500110460Link
      mazedmarkyi3 4160R7 260X417348455497Link
      KingCryi7-4770kHD 69503869399412680Link
      EazyDozerFX-8350HD 6950322533577560Link
      EazyDozerPhenom II X6 1055THD 6870267328255965Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7-3970xHD 59702600269014064Link
      BoingballA8-76002x R7 250229829394064Link
      Sgt BilkoA10-7870kRadeon R7 (iGPU)209323305655Link
      Sgt BilkoA10-7850kRadeon R7 (iGPU)179119565121Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7-3970x2x HD 66701626165813805Link
      ftiFX-6300HD 6670132713608019Link

      Firestrike Extreme Scores:


      UsernameCPUGPU(s)Overall ScoreGraphics ScorePhysics ScoreProof
      Elmnatori7 5960x4x Fury X250773211722542Link
      AMDMattThreadripper 1950x2x RX Vega 64209472448830714Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2 x R9 Fury X + R9 Nano191102695213079Link
      colesdavi7 4790k3x R9 Nano18806263477431Link
      Whiskey-FoxtrotRyzen 7 1800x2x RX Vega 64186022396320628Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700x2x RX Vega 64166322096219764Link
      Canis-Xi7-5960x3x R9 290x156191852722857Link
      colesdavi7-4790k2x R9 Fury X151891906113144Link
      Conenubi701i7 4790k2x R9 Fury X137621646413348Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920xRadeon Pro Duo (Fiji)130391464524570Link
      Sgt Bilkoi7 6700kR9 Fury X + R9 Fury129001517514928Link
      Sgt BilkoRyzen 7 2700xR9 295x2125711459122946Link
      aarredteamFX-95904x R9 290x12337206909149Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920x2 x R9 295x2121081479822733Link
      colesdavi7-4790kRX Vega 6411491133845091Link
      Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 290111251313212254Link
      ajluekeRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64110021196020877Link
      4MonkeysFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x10915157559724Link
      Sgt BilkoThreadripper 1950x (ES)RX Vega 64106161151423165Link
      Shane Herald1800X2x R9 39098991085720056Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700xRX Vega 6498691067519663Link
      saywhutRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 6498361060320220Link
      JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x2 + R9 290x9799138399316Link
      desol007i7-4770k2x R9 29097711134212987Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-83502x R9 29091631142010160Link
      SavageBeastZeroFX-83202x R9 2908736111249248Link
      GakaGammyFX-95902x R9 2908232103678380Link
      DontKillJimFX 9590R9 Fury X703481058255Link
      Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x2697599805357Link
      Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano6779720913234Link
      Thomas TomlinFX-8350RX 580615168898802Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 290x6109688110061Link
      KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x5890624911813Link
      Cavemanthe0nei7 3970xR9 3905557578814028Link
      mazedmarkyi3 4160RX 480547264575328Link
      Singpriani5 3570kRX 480528459076889Link
      GakaGammyFX-8310R9 290504254857720Link
      Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x503553539664Link
      KingCryi7-4770kR9 2804230440412093Link
      KhvarrioirenFX-6300R9 280x418645027833Link
      Benman2785FX-8150HD 7970381741057146Link
      Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950324733808087Link
      KingCryi7-4770kHD 69502055203112676Link


      Firestrike Ultra Scores:


      Overall Score
      Graphics Score
      Physics ScoreProof
      AMDMattThreadripper 1950x2x RX Vega 64114081214230826Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2 x R9 Fury X + R9 Nano113451323213061Link
      colesdavi7 4790k3x R9 Nano112241293113371Link
      Whiskey-FoxtrotRyzen 7 1800x2x RX Vega 64111591220220608Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700x2x RX Vega 6497231055520171Link
      Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x2 + 2 x R9 290911510932


      Canis-Xi7-5960x3x R9 290x8784924522741Link
      colesdavi7-4790k2x Fury X8539942613095Link
      aarredteamFX-95904x R9 290x8382103129094Link
      Conenubi701i7 4790k2x R9 Fury X7647813113311Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920x2 x R9 295x27146760422608Link
      4MonkeysFX-9590R95x2 + R9 290x708079299535Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920xRadeon Pro Duo (Fiji)7057724322701Link
      Sgt BilkoRyzen 7 2700xR9 295x26935725623249Link
      colesdavi7-4790kRX Vega 646441678713253Link
      JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x2 + R9 290x635872759327Link
      Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 2906203647912301Link
      Sgt BilkoThreadripper 1950xRX Vega 645828589223223Link
      GeneslicerRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 645700576719206Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700xRX Vega 645496554619608Link
      SavageBeastZeroFX-83202x R9 290530156209220Link
      saywhutRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 645271527920301Link
      GakaGammyFX-95902x R9 290485751598130Link
      Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x2456350265624Link
      DontKillJimFX 9590Fury X404241687965Link
      Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano3647361713228Link
      EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 Fury3605361210772Link
      Thomas TomlinFX-8350RX 580334834398785Link
      KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x3139309012302Link
      Mazedmarkyi3 4160Rx 480301931625352Link
      Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x273027049707Link
      HumbugFX-8350R9 290267526518614Link
      KhvarrioirenFX-6300R9 280x229623117279Link
      KingCryi7-4770kR9 2802292224912023Link
      Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950163015697862Link


      3DMark Time Spy Scores:

      UsernameCPUGraphics Card(s)Overall ScoreGraphics Score
      CPU ScoreProof
      Sgt BilkoThreadripper 1950x (ES)2x RX Vega 64141801512110146Link
      Whiskey-FoxtrotRyzen 7 1800x2x RX Vega 6413823153688808Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700x2x RX Vega 6412733137339015Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920x2 x R9 295x212346135498216Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2 x R9 Fury X + R9 Nano11853154945084Link
      colesdavi7 4790k3x R9 Nano11027143494770Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920xRadeon Pro Duo (Fiji)968397239463Link
      colesdavi7-4790k2x R9 Fury X9357109585120Link
      AMDMattRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64860384369697Link
      Sgt BilkoThreadripper 1950x (ES)RX Vega 64818881368502Link
      ajluekeRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64802378808949Link
      colesdavi7-4790kRX Vega 64765685004901Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700xRX Vega 64730370878837Link
      saywhutRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64674165028519Link
      iWalkingCorpseRyzen 7 1800xR9 Fury X565153308589Link
      Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 Fury X528553964738Link
      Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x469946824799Link
      Benman2785FX-9590RX 580449746423822Link
      Thomas TomlinFX-8350RX 580429544993418Link
      JakeshiFX 8350RX 580415843583303Link
      KC5VDJi7-4790kRX 480354435283642Link


      3DMark Time Spy Extreme Scores:


      UsernameCPUGraphics Cards(s)Overall ScoreGraphics ScoreCPU ScoreProof
      AMDMattThreadripper 1950x2x RX Vega 64767377517263Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920x2 x R9 295x2643468294848Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700x2x RX Vega 64584665803583Link
      colesdavi7 4790k2 x R9 Fury X + R9 Nano557274512295Link
      VarjoissaThreadripper 1920xRadeon Pro Duo (Fiji)456344665208Link
      colesdavi7-4790k2x R9 Fury X438552352284Link
      Sgt BilkoThreadripper 1950x (ES)RX Vega 64412538437063Link
      AMDMattRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64404040693889Link
      colesdavi7-4790kRX Vega 64344939442016Link
      KxuPingRyzen 7 1700xRX Vega 64339533633591Link
      saywhutRyzen 7 1800xRX Vega 64326232103599Link
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