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5600xt windows crashes on boot

Question asked by limonada on Apr 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by andrulko
Hello. Sorry for my english, I`m from Argentina... I`ve recently purchased a custom computer with a 5600xt as the gpu. It used to work fine, until recently when i updated drivers from 20.2.2 to 20.4.1. After update, each time i`ve tried to start the computer, i got windows stuck in the white dot spinning process. Only hard reset works out there. I went to different fórums to find the problem, and i find that many 5600xt had the same problem, so I tried uninstalling amd drivers in safe mode and i could at least use the computer. Since then, i`ve tried many things to see if i could use the gpu. Im gonna list them below:
-Uninstalling previous drivers with amd cleaunp, and/or DDU in safemode (every time I was trying something new, i did this).
-Re-installing Windows, with and without conserving my previous data.
-Tried formating the ssd and reinstalling Windows from zero (with or without internet,both).
-I`ve also tried with fully updated Windows and Windows without update (freshly installed)
-I used 3 different BIOS versions (F41, F41h and F50, the newest one), and 2 different chipsets versions.
-I`ve tried EVERY adrenaline versión available for 5600xt, from 20.1.3 to 20.4.1. In normal Windows mode or in safe mode.
-I`ve checked every other component of the computer, and they work fine.
-I`ve tried to find disc errors with chkdsk /f /r (disk is working fine).
-Disabled fast startup from Windows.
NONE of this options worked. Neither in combination of several of them at the same time.
I might be forgetting some other things i`ve tried, but I think this is it.
Interestingly, some times I got the typical black screen when installing drivers with adrenaline, but it stays there, and I have to hard reset, getting the Windows stuck on startup with spinning dots. Some other times (just a few, I think twice) installation could finish and I could enter Radeon setup without restarting the computer. There, I checked if the gpu was working "properly" using OCCT. Every test I made got 0 errors. But when I restarted it, I got the usual problem.
I`ve already sent this to AMD, I hope they include a fix for this problems in the next update...

Motherboard: B450M Ds3h
Ryzen 5 1600 six cores
Gpu: 5600xt OC 6gb
Power supply: B700H gigabyte 700w
2x8gb ddr4 3000 ram
Windows 10 x64