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How do I delete the profiles for games? I never added these profiles they just appeared and game is underperforming right after this happened

Question asked by brunhildjr on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by elstaci

After installing driver and playing some games, the profiles for some of the games appears automatically in  Gaming > Installed games


I think these profiles are causing some weird stuttering issues in some games like COD Warzone. Game was fine as long as the profile was not added, so I played a couple days after installing the new driver and the very day the profile appeared out of the blue the game looks weird when panning the camera, like a slow drawing of frames making the game not look smooth at all.


I cannot remove these profiles they appear after driver re installation, clean install, removing them does nothing because they appear on next windows user log in. Deleting from AppData\Local\AMD\CN\gmdb.blb does not help.


Please tell me a way to remove the profile for good! I dont want it there I want the default profile to manage those games. Thank you!