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Minecraft is getting low fps, low cpu usage, and 70% gpu usage

Question asked by llvewire on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2020 by bossmandan

So, I was playing Minecraft with shaders on. I know shaders are heavy on Minecraft but on random times I would get the 60 fps I need but other times it would be 30 fps or 20 fps. When I play my cpu usage is at 20-30% and gpu usage is at 50-75% mostly at 75%. That is when I saw that I was getting 20 fps but the usages were low, I allocate 8GB of my RAM to Minecraft for render distances, the render distances were at 16 Chunks. I uploaded a picture showing my usages over a minute on task manager. IDK why the Minecraft live game isn't showing on the screenshot but I screenshotted it and the game was running at 30 fps MAX and times it would be at like 60FPS if I looked straight up into the sky.


Also, it does show that Minecraft is running at a cap no drops of 60 fps when shaders are off. Utilization 20%.



Intel i7-2700K @ 4.5GHz

16GB RAM @ 1867MHz

AMD R9 390 @ 1500MHz Memory Clock and @ 1GHz Core Clock

(I can overclock the GPU to (~2GHz)1950MHz Memory Clock and 1100 MHz Core Clock(1.1GHz))

PSU 735W 80PLUS BRONZE RaidMax  that PSU but the fan Color is BLUE.