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Windows 10 Pro: 2019 Black Friday Edition & Beyond?

Question asked by kenyomurabu on Mar 9, 2020
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Anyone Know What is Going On With The Colors On Windows 10? 


I get head aches every time I go on the Computer just because all of a sudden Black Friday shows up, 
& all the colors on my screen go crazy... 


2 Monitors at 24 inches & 1080P Resolutions hooked up to my PC @ 60FPS each 
XFX R9 270X with 2GB VRAM GPU With 2 Fans (Probably not what your expecting) 


Before & After 

Black = Dark Grey 
Orange = Gold 
Blue = Light Blue 
Green = Light Green (Easy Fix I guess Favors X-Box) 
White = Blurry Bright Whites Washed into Images 
Text = Sometimes White & Sometimes Silver or Grey 
Teal = Light Teal 
Red = Pink Red 


Causes Screen Tearing & Videos look like their from VHS ERA with horrible pixelated Blurry Visuals 


I mean these colors look aweful... 


It causes programs to Crash constantly... 


Hooking up a brand new 4K Smart TV 2019 Model did not fix the issue either... 


Before you expect it to be a Hardware issue, i'd have to tell you 
these are Not Effected by the Color problems 

Mortal Kombat 11 = Has tons of Color 
YouTube 4K = Looks Insanely good Depending On The Video 
YouTube 4K Smart TV = Looks Even Better 
Red Faction: Armageddon = Looks Decent for when it Released 
Wolfenstein II = DX12 & runs pretty well 
Vizio Smart TV: Hulu (Archer Series Franchise) Looks great 


Things that look Horrible & Are Effected By Color Problems? 

My Desktop had to get rid of all my HD Wallpapers & Draw My Own 
My Windows APP's are almost all Light Blue 
My People App has Black & White ICON's 
Rocket League = Cars are blurry mess can't tell 1 Car from another all 1 color 
UPlay just started to show this change as well...
Just found out my STEAM Link APP is trying to Install a Black & White Mode,  
There are more things that look horrible, too


Things that were changed since 2019 Black Friday? 

Black Friday I received an Update 


- Windows 10 Pro 1903 / 1909 Update (Desktop looks horrible) 
- STEAM Updated to New Library Update (Blue on top of Blue / Grey on Top of Grey) 
- AMD 2020 Edition was released in January or February (With Overly Saturated & Overly Hue Reds) 


What have I done to fix this?

I've tried everything I can think of from 


- Windows Settings (Can't Find anything) (Color Blind does nothing On / Off makes no difference) 
- My Desktop has Green or Dark Green Now (Temporary Fix) 
- AMD 2020 Edition (Can't Find anything) 
- 4K TV (Can't Find Anything) 

Only thing left I have not done?

Is to Reverse my Updates for my Content, but to Reverse my Updates, 
would mean that I have to have a way to Reverse them, & I don't seem to have this Option... 
To make matters worst, I can't seem to stop my PC from Updating, without ripping the cord out of the wall...  

I could try forcing the Update Reversal, but no idea what kind of effect that might have, 
& I think by doing this, I was told my Games on STEAM would be Unplayable, as for Windows,
who knows if it would even turn back on... A recent Update had crashed my CPU, which I was 
preventing from happening for a whole week, until 1 day I had walked out of the house, & came back 
to see the Crash... 



Any Help Would Be Great? Am I going Nuts, or is something actually wrong here? 


I've checked 2 4K Smart TV's, my Cable Box, my STEAM Link APP, my Computer, 
my STEAM, my UPlay, Hulu, NetFlix, my Android Phone, they are all having issues, & half of them are 
brand New. None of them are connected, nor use the same Cable Wires... 


Computer is the most concerning problem, though, because I do ART on the Computer...