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What kind of Bottleneck am I Looking at with i5-4460 CPU and 5700 XT GPU?

Question asked by lackofo2 on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by reaperdude231

Just bought a 

XFX Rx 5700 XT Raw II 8GB GDDR6. It Was for a Pc build im working on to upgrade my current pc (Buying ALL NEW parts) But I just opened it and wanna plug this sucker in. Without Breaking my current system of course. 

Specs -- 

Intel Core i5-4460 CPU ( Old as hell, I hate it. Burn it. I was 14 ). 

Asrock hdm-81 Mobo ( or something like that lel. )

8gb 1666 Ram 1 Stick ( Gross.  I dunno brand and don't currently wanna open pc up to look... ddr3 btw. )

GeForce 960. ( Also Garbage. I'm 20 now with a good paying job, Hence finally upgrading my PC ). 

My PSU is over 500 watt, that much i know. But I can't recall the brand. ( I know.. If ya don't know the brand of a PSU Don't use it. But meh, Lasted this long. )