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MSI R9 380 4GB Not even posting on boot

Question asked by dani3l_ on Mar 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2020 by hardcoregames™

So couple of weeks ago, On of the AMD Drivers got updated and I couldn't boot to my PC anymore, even to the BIOS... (Maybe its the gpu itself, i don't really know currently)

The GPU Fans are spinning and leds are on, But fans get turned off when it shows no display, prob seconds after boot...


What I tried to do:

  • Reinstalling Windows 10 (Actually posted and showed the GPU in the Device manager untill I downloaded the Drivers and restarted then again same problem, no Boot)
  • I tried to put the GPU on my friends pc and it didn't boot, and he has same specs almost as mine, and his GTX 1070 worked on my PC...
  • I updated my Motherboard BIOS, Same as Tried to Update GPU Bios trough Safe Mode with ATIFlash
  • I disabled the iGPU from the BIOS but when I set it to "PCIe" it auto on restart sets to "CPU intergrated" for some reasons..

I still have some hope since it showed the GPU on Device Manager, but what can be the problem?

Windows 10 64 bit
i7 6700
Asus Z170-K
AMD MSI R9 380 4GB
Seasonic SS-600 ET Active PFC F3