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Help with 5600xt upgrade(NO INPUT to DISPLAY did not show device manager)

Question asked by bmangin8251 on Feb 22, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by bmangin8251

I have been running a HD8490 on a HTPC / NAS I built a while back. I have updated all the chipset and windows drivers so that they are all current except the HD8490 which I uninstalled its driver.

Processor = Ryzen R5-2600

mb = asus x470 hero vii

PSU =seasonic prime gold 550w

GPU HD8490

WINDOWS 10 1909

 I am attempting to install a Power Color red devil 5600xt.

I don't see the post or anything else when powering up on any display cable or port I have attempted with

I can only get a signal when the HD8940 is installed.

The 5600xt does light up its RGB and the fans run.

I DDU'd the old drivers off and shutdown to swap the cards as it recommends.

Do I need to install new driver software before shutting down or do you think I have a dead 5600xt.

I have tried multiple cables ports monitors yet NO JOY. 

I attempted switching bios via switch. NO JOY

I also attempted to swap it into a known good PCI-E slot , put the HD8490 in the main GPU pcie slot and started it up to see if I could detect it with Device Manager. Display yes detected no :NO JOY