Adding second monitor causes both screens to black out

Discussion created by chugnun on Feb 17, 2020
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Have a Aorus RX580 8GB which works fine, drivers and radeon software all installs and works fine.

Connected to main monitor BenQ GL2450H from DIV-D to HDMI in monitor and it works fine.

Problem comes when i connect the second monitor.   When i start up i get the ASUS motherboard load screen and the windows logo appears but then when it should load the windows password screen both screens just go blank. 


Have used both monitors individually with both HDMI / DIV-D cables i have and had no issues with them working. 


The second monitor is a Dell E207WPF, windows cannot see this but Radeon software can when i connect this one idividually and start up.


I just cant get them to work together.


The RX580 card has only been used about 5/6 months, it has been put in this machine to replace a failing GTX770 which was about 6 years old and ran the same 2 screens with no issues at all.  I really hope the AMD card is not failing already considering how well the Nvidia card did.


Any help would be really good.