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720p50 3500kbps OBS

Question asked by benman2785 on Feb 5, 2020
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here are my settings for 720p50@3500kbps in OBS Studio with AMD AMF Encoder


have in mind:
0. i use 720p50 because you have more bitrate per frame as 720p60
1. 3500kbps is not much for 720p50 (3500kbps is ok-ish for 720p30)(720p60 would need minimum 4500kbps)
1b. what is your ISPs upload bandwidth?
2. VBV Buffer Initial Fullness HAS to be 0 (otherwise you will have pixel mash all 2s)
3. usually "Balanced" "Main" gives best results
4. Coding Type could also be CABAC (better compression = 1% better quality; so not much but hey)
5. a better quality stream of 720p50 needs 4200kbps with a Buffer of 256kb
5b. 720p60 to look good would need 5000kbps with a Buffer of 288kb


here a video of the setttings you see: