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OpenCL PAL & Legacy platforms under Ubuntu

Question asked by syrus on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2020 by baszczer

Hi AMD enthusiasts,

I'm facing a problem... I've been using multiple graphic cards on my system without any problem I've always combined Pal (Vega cards) with legacy (Polaris cards) and clinfo would show both platforms without any problem.

I bought a new Navi card and had to upgrade my drivers to 19.50, of course I installed with "--opencl=legacy,pal"  but now my system and clinfo only detects pal platform. If I install only the legacy platform it detects only the polaris cards...


I know there is a workaround for the 19.30 driver but since my new card is a 5500xt I need a solution for the 19.50 driver.

Has anyone managed to work with both platforms under 19.50 driver?

Thanks community!