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rx 570 usage dropping to 0

Question asked by thewitchdoctor on Feb 2, 2020

GPU: RX 570

CPU: Ryzen i3 1200


Mobo: Biostar A320MH


As the title states, in every game I try to play, no matter the resolution, the graphical settings or the fps limit (tried to lock it to 40) the framerate is constantly 60 (usage about 90%), until I get to certain parts where it just drops by 10/15/20 frames for 0.5-1 seconds and the GPU usage drops to about 0%. What's even more perplexing is the fact that before I got my 900p monitor I'm using rn I was using a 768p 4x3 monitor and the games ran without a stutter, but as I stated, every game stutters now at that resolution as well...


Games I've played: Sekiro, Dark souls 3, MGS V TPP, The Outer Worlds, Batman Arkham Knight