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Radeon RX 580 GPU usage and frequency spikes

Question asked by spectralfx on Jan 20, 2020
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I am currently trying to fix some problems that have been plaguing my gaming desktop. I have been experiencing multiple BSOD related to many different stop codes. However all of them pointed to hardware issues. Until recently I couldn't attribute it to overheating issues however a recent discovery left me quite alarmed.


The one thing these BSOD had in common is the fact that they pretty much all occurred during gaming sessions or sometimes, rather exceptionally, during video streaming over my web browser.


After much troubleshooting, including clean reinstalling my Graphic card drivers (atm running 20.1.2) using DDU in safe mode and manually reinstalling the drivers for my motherboard and many, many other troubleshooting steps available out there...


I appear to have collected some relevant data using 3Dmark that exposes some rather unusual behavior from my hardware. It appears that  for some reason, my GPU goes unstable - or - unresponsive due to a spike in both frequency and temperature. I have never witness such symptoms before.


This predicament leaves me quite perplexed. It appears that under stress, my computer attempts to crank up the frequency of the GPU drastically until the whole thing becomes unstable. Thankfully, the tool I used didn't cause my computer to BSOD like it would typically do in games and I was able to collect the data from the attachment.

I have the report from 3Dmark saved in a safe location and can submit it if required along with any other log file, but for now I am just looking for information about the behavior itself.


What could possibly cause this phenomenon and how would I go about ensuring this undesirable behavior stops?