Where is the 'Power Efficiency' feature on the new VII and XT range?

Discussion created by john007 on Jan 18, 2020
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AMD why did you remove the 'Power Efficiency' feature from the new VII and XT range?


The core MHz is fluctuating from 150mhz to 1700mhz causing framerate issues, it simply cannot keep a stable 60FPS.


Its the exact same bloody issue with the FuryX back in 2015, here is my own thread describing the issue.


A program was created called Clockblocker which half worked at the time, now a new program called MorePowerTools is available which hacks the driver, why are we again having to use hack programs for your bloody driver.


The thread describes the exact same issue, until AMD fixed this with a new feature called ''Power Efficiency'' which prevented the core from downclocking in 3D applications, it was brilliant from 2016-2019


We need that option back ASAP!


We spent nearly a year howling you to add this feature and you just remove it?


 ''Power Efficiency Toggle: A new feature introduced in the Radeon™ Settings Gaming tab for select AMD Radeon™ 300 series and AMD Radeon™ Fury X available under "Global Options". This allows the user to disable some power efficiency optimizations.''


This would 100% fix the VII and XT.


Here is a RAW video showcasing the issue, what a complete mess.


The FuryX was SOLID60FPS.