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AMD Fury X - Core Usage Fluctuation

Question asked by john007 on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by donta1979



Seem to having a slight problem with GPU core speed fluctuation with the Fury X. Lets take for example The Elder Scrolls Online, You can walk around the world and experience FPS drops to 50,( No matter which settings you apply low or high, 1280x720 or 4K resolution ) Monitoring the core usage with Afterburner I see that the Core speed fluctuates every few seconds from 10% to around 40% while at 50FPS. I updated to Crimson but unfortunately the driver capped the GPU to 600mhz, even the Crimson beta was the same result. No particular core is at 100% on the 8350 at 4.9ghz either.


Afterburner overclock 1125mhz core / 550mhz memory / 50% increase power consumption.


Without using Afterburner and using stock speeds, its even worse, massive FPS lag spikes. Overall lag on all 3D applications.


Thanks for reading and hope to speak soon..