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AMD GPU reset bug - Unraid VM

Question asked by rmarais on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by acidz

I am trying to run Unraid OS and create Win10 VM with hardware passthrough for the AMD RX5700XT gpu to the VM (with some other items eventually like usb ports etc)


When i create the VM initially the driver are installed for 3 items listed as unknown components. 2 System type devices and the network card. This is resolved by custom drivers for them from VirtIO Drivers ISO.


The only item not yet updated is the GPU which is picked up as Microsoft basic display adapter. I need to then after clean reboot of the VM install the adrenalin amd gpu drivers for the rx5700xt (gigabyte). There after its picked up as the rx5700xt but when the VM is rebooted it doesnt come up again.... you forced to Force Stop VM. This causes the gpu to not be released from the VM and when I try boot up again I get a error : Internal Error: Unknown PCI header type '127' for device '0000:0c:00.0' which translates to my gpu card.

Unraid says that AMD should fix this Reset Bug. Space Invader One has also spoken about this in youtube videos and other alike.


Hack fix for this...but not nice if you running other VMs on the host....

How to easily reset a passed through AMD Graphics card without rebooting - YouTube 


Space Invader One trying his own rx5700xt card for pass through....reset bug hit him....


Please assist AMD - this is my first AMD rig and my friend who is running Intel and Nvidia is laughing at me for buying AMD, his Unraid system with GPU passthrough is working first time ....