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FPS drop after 2 hours playing

Question asked by moonshine on Jan 5, 2020

Hello, today i upgrade AMD drivers to Adrenalin 19.12.3(newest). After playing 1,5-2 hours my fps drop under 30. It was the same situation one year ago, someone in this forum said that new drivers required more RAM so i go back to amd catalyst 15.4. But last month I bought 2 gb ram so I though - its time to update to adrenalin. Unfortunately its happening again, so its not about ram.

Its very weird, because it happens in every amd drivers which have not catalyst control center. So it happens in crimson edition and adrenalin edition which are not using CCC. Problem doesn't exist with catalyst control center, so I m using amd drivers 15.4 beta.. these drivers are from 2015 year, we have 2020 now! omg

Any ideas what it could be? This is very weird.. 


Lenovo g500h

i7 3612qm

Radeon HD 8750M


Win 7 64 bit