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My display keeps freezing

Question asked by grim1089 on Dec 23, 2019



I'm not very techie regrading computers.  A few weeks ago, my display started freezing.  About every 4-5 seconds, the display will freeze for about 1 second, and then catch up again.  I'f I'm watching video, there is no interruption to the sound.  This also happens even when there is nothing on my screen and I'm just moving the cursor around, and is happening now when typing this message.  Some very basic research led me to uninstalling and reinstalling Radeon, and I now have Adrenalin 2020.  Throughout the uninstall and reinstall process, the problem disappeared, and the display worked perfectly. As soon as the reinstall was complete, the problem re-appeared. can anyone help or advise?  I'm running Windows 10 if that helps.  Thanks.