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Vega 64 translucent squares and driver problems after update to 19.12.2/3

Question asked by henrique_001 on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Since upgrading to the new driver I am having problems with my games, starting with these transparent squares around weapons, image corruption, driver settings that sometimes don't apply, and restarting the game like "Radeon Chill" and "Radeon Image Sharpening".


I believe it is because of this that I am getting constant disconnects in Call of Duty, the game may be misinterpreting and knocking me over.


I believe it was a good job on the new driver, Wattman no longer locks the screen and restarts the card, simply by turning the machine back on the card back to factory defaults, avoiding unnecessary flickerings.


Radeon Vega 64 with 19.12.3 driver version.
Windows 10 with 1909 build version.

NAT Type: Open.
Game updated.

Solutions tryed: reinstalled software, formated operational system, reseted router, downgraded video driver.


Videocard always on 80% fan curve, with 4400rpm giving a 60~75Cº without sync (75hz).