Save Multiple Display Profiles Like Video?

Discussion created by tvccs on Dec 10, 2019

I recently acquired an HP All-In-One with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.  I'd like to be able to set up custom display color presets and be able to name them as desired, and have them quickly be able to be switched via the Radeon tray icon like Video Presets are now.  Intel Graphics generally have the ability to easily make these presets and changes on the fly, and I'm looking for similar functionality via Radeon.  My need is based on a website design tool that uses a fairly faint grid/wireframe for layout that's much more visible, when needed, via adjustments in brightness and contrast.  It's something I work with 365 days a year for 10-60 minutes a day, but I then want to revert back to standard settings when done.  Is this possible, and if not, can this functionality be added?  Thank you.