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AMD no longer supporting laptops with switchable graphics

Question asked by redspeed on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by jared4481

Ive been contacting AMD for a year now. Drivers since 19.1.1 cause my switchable graphics on my laptop to not function properly. I have an R7 9830p paired with a RX 460 GPU. The RX 460 is supposed to switch on automatically when it detects a game, however every driver package, including the new one released today causes the RX 460 to not work at all. It doesnt switch on, and when I check the Radeon settings it automatically forces whatever app or game I used into power saving mode. I can switch it back to high performance mode, but it will change back to power saving mode again after I close out of the settings.


AMD support seems clueless and arent helpful at all, just making me go through the same basic troubleshooting steps over and over again.  Can I assume AMD just gave up and abandoned my hardware?  I keep getting notifications that there are new drivers to download, but they never work for me. It doesnt seem like AMD cares about fixing this issue.